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Auspicious Dates in 2016

Click here to see the list of auspicious dates in 2016 by Master David Tong of Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting.

Cool Customs = Happy Weddings + Marriage

  1. To symbolise eternity and a smooth, endless journey of love and marriage, wedding rings are fashioned like a circle as there is no ending line for this shape.
  2. A geomancer is often sought to select an auspicious date, with the couple’s birth dates taken into consideration, as wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
  3. It is a custom to light a pair of candles or red lamps on the wedding night in the bridal suite as the bright flame will fend off evil spirits.
  4. Si Dian Jin (四点金) means giving jewellery to the bride. It means that the mother-in-law is telling the bride that she will always have a comfortable roof over her head. Si Dian Jin is given during the formal betrothal or Guo Da Li (过大礼).
  5. During Guo Da Li (过大礼), which usually takes place on an auspicious date 2 weeks before the wedding, the groom will visit the bride’s family with a matchmaker or his parents to give the Betrothal Gifts (聘礼).
  6. The Betrothal Gifts (聘礼)  would consist 2 pairs of Dragon and Phoenix candles, 8 to 12 oranges, 2 bottles of wine, Pin Jin (聘金), wedding cakes and Si Dian Jin (四点金). Additionally, a whole roasted suckling pig has to be presented completely intact as a mark of respect for the bride’s family.
  7. The Dowry (嫁妆) from the bride includes a pair of wedding towels, a tea set for the tea ceremony, a pair each of bowls, chopsticks and spoons, a part of the Pin Jin (聘金) and the 2 Phoenix candles from the Betrothal Gifts, sewing kit, double happiness (囍) basin and mug.
  8. The sewing kit, which is part of the Dowry, signifies that the bride is a perfect wife. The kit is filled with auspicious items that have special meaning, i.e., a pin cushion with little boys on it to signiy fertility.
  9. It is a common practice to buy a new bed with new bed sheets that is usually in red or other auspicious colours for the bridal bed. To appease the fertility God to bless the couple to be able to bear a healthy baby boy, a young and healthy male toddler will be chosen to jump on the bed during an auspicious date.
  10. The hair of the bride and groom is combed 4 times on the night before the wedding by a parent or an elderly member of the family. There is a special meaning for each combing – 1st: from beginning till the end, 2nd: harmony from now till old age, 3rd: wishes for sons and grandsons, 4th: wishes for good wealth and a long-lasting marriage.
  11. During the tea ceremony, the couple would serve tea to all family members and call them by their official title. When a family member drinks the tea, it means that he or she accepts the bride or the groom into the family.
  12. As red is an auspicious colour, cash is given to the couples in a red packet. The amount must be in even numbers, e.g., $20, $60, $80, etc., as odd number are to be avoided, as well as amounts with “4” because the number sounds like “death” in Chinese and a few other dialects.
  13. As fish symbolises abundance and prosperity, gifts with fish motif are seen as auspicious while those with dragon and phoenix motifs signify the universal balance between yin and yang forces.
  14. The tossing of the bridal bouquet evolved from a practice during the 14th century in Europe. During that period, everyone believed that the bride is very lucky on her wedding and guests present would fight for a piece of her gown. In modern times, it is considered lucky to catch the bridal bouquet and the person who catches the bouquet is believed to be the next to get married.

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